When Stanley- wait... wait, what?

–The Narrator's confusion over the presence of more than just two doors


6 Doors?

Two Doors Room in Confusion Ending

Alternate view

The 6 Doors Room is the Two Doors Room but with an additional four doors; 2 doors on the left and right sides, therefore making a total of 6 doors. Only 5 doors are accessible due to one door being blocked by a row of chairs.

Obtaining the Room

This room is special and secret, unlike all the other rooms. To obtain the room, Stanley must take the right door in the original Two Doors Room, pass by the lounge, take the first open door, then go down the elevator. The Narrator becomes confused at this point, and after he figures out an answer, he opens a garage door, leading to the Monitor Room.


Instead of the left and right door's typical routine, instead each door that the player enters is a series of labyrinths and passageways that become an infinite, paradoxical loop, because no matter which of the passageways that Stanley traverses, he will always end up going nowhere beyond the Two Doors Room. Then the Narrator restarts the game.


  • This room is secret, unlike other rooms.
  • This room is the only room to have a door that is openable but inaccessible.
  • This room is the only room to add more passageways to a typical room in the game, other than the Three Doors Room in the Games Ending.