This is it, Stanley! Art! I did it! Video games are art!


Art Ending
Let the game begin!
Ending Information
Location Disobey the Narrator and take the blue door at all times.
Door Choice Right
Narration Art Ending/Narration

The Art Ending is a secret ending in The Stanley Parable which can be obtained by playing the Baby Game for 4 hours without missing a button.

Obtaining the Ending

Exit your office and head to the right door at the 2 Doors. Get to the cargo lift and jump to the catwalk in the middle of the ride, then head to the colored doors and enter the blue door three times. At the Stanley Parable Experience Rating Board, pick whichever button you want twice. You'll be taken to the Baby Game after pushing a random button. When Stanley faces the Baby Game, the Narrator tells you to keep pressing the button for four hours. After some time, you need to do the same for another blue button for a dog. Once the task is completed, the screen becomes white and the ending is received.

The Game

As the Narrator instructs you, you'll have to play the game for 4 hours, which probably the biggest challenge the game presents. Your task here is very simple; push the red button to keep the baby from the fire. Over time, the Narrator may speak random things, such as "Just popping in to say hi!" or "Keep clicking that button. For freedom! For science! For love!".

After two hours of playing, the Narrator will add a Puppy game, where a puppy is being lowered into a pool of piranhas, forcing you to deal with two buttons at the same time. Should you fail the former, the Narrator will take you straight away to the Games Ending, so be careful.

After three hours of playing, the Narrator will discuss the possibility if Stanley keeps pressing the buttons. The Narrator imagined that people will come from all over the world to see "the man who never stops pushing buttons", and that video games are actually art (the Narrator is talking about his video game).

The Ending

At the final hours of the game, the room will shake violently, and a being known as the Divine Art will shine the room with a bright light. The Divine Art reveals its true self before Stanley and grants him the freedom Stanley longed for.


  • Letting the puppy get dipped into the lake of piranha causes the baby's reset button to malfunction, effectively forcing a loss.
  • It's possible to play the Baby & Puppy Game without having to press any of the buttons; get the developer console, type in the following: ent_fire babytrainofdeath stop.
The Stanley Parable Baby Game Ending-006:53

The Stanley Parable Baby Game Ending-0

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