Boss' Office
Boss' Office
Location Information
Accessible via: The staircase after the Meeting Room
Leads to: Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending, Mariella Ending
Place of ending(s): Launch Pod Ending
Points of Divergence 1

The Boss's Office is the main office where Stanley's boss works.


The room features a red, floral wallpaper on all sides, a piano on the left, a bookshelf adjacent to the piano, several photographs and paintings on the far end by the desk, more bookshelves on the far end of the left and right wall, a couch and sitting chairs accompanied by a table, a desk and computer for the boss, the keypad for the Mind Control Facility and a fake fireplace that leads to the aforementioned location.

In the original mod, the office features a computer desk for the boss, several cabinets, and the keypad to the Mind Control Facility hidden behind a sole cabinet. This room version is significantly smaller than the HD Remix version.

In the Not Stanley Ending, the Boss's Office features a green wallpaper, a single computer desk for the boss, paintings, two bookshelves on the left and the right of the desk,
2561552-the stanley parable 1

The Boss's office in the Not Stanley Ending

and a door with a voice receiver instead of the default keypad.


The Escape Pod Ending occurs here after Stanley quickly exits out the double doors to the office as they close.

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