Confusion Ending
Confusion Ending
The Confusion Ending Schedule
Ending Information
Location Descend the elevator within the Maintenance Room
Door Choice Right Door
Narration Confusion Ending/Narration
Come Stanley; let's find the story!

The Narrator inviting Stanley on a journey

The Confusion Ending is the ending that occurs after going through the right door, listen to the Narrator by entering the maintenance room, but going down the elevator within that room instead of continuing forward to the meeting room. This ending is a series of chained endings that, at first, do not appear to be related but are revealed to be one large ending.

Obtaining The EndingEdit

Sub-Ending 1Edit

Exit Stanley's office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the right. Continue through the employee lounge, then enter the door on the left as designated by the Narrator. Proceed to the elevator on the left instead of walking forward, and press the button within the elevator.

When exiting into a square room and the Narrator tells you to go to the left door, walk towards it. He will close it in your face, then tell you that the story is in the door behind you. The Narrator closes that door in your face too. After searching his papers, he opens a garage door on the long wall. Proceeding through it, you find the monitor room from later on in the game (if you had proceeded to do the Freedom Ending or Explosion Ending). He then resets the game due to it having been spoiled for you.

Sub-Ending 2Edit

Exit Stanley's office again. The 2 doors room has changed and now includes 6 doors, with only 5 accessible due to a row of chairs blocking one of them. After some contemplation, the Narrator will open all doors to you. No matter which door you enter, you will end up back to the 2 doors room; it is an infinite paradoxical loop going nowhere. The Narrator will reset the game once more out of frustration.

Sub-Ending 3Edit

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 12.48.28 PM

"I can't quite recall, but I believe my story took place in an office building... is that correct? Hm... do you remember, Stanley?"

Exit Stanley's office once again. The 2 doors room is now a dead end. The Narrator instructs Stanley to backtrack the way they came to reveal a different hallway which leads to another dead end. Going back the way you came leads Stanley to a decrepit, wooden building. When you turn the corner of this hallway, the doorway through which you entered has vanished. The Narrator, frustrated even more, tells Stanley that he has won, but resets the game once more. The building has a demo sign backward, And it may be part of the back from the demo.

Sub-Ending 4Edit

2013-10-19 00002

The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™

Exit Stanley's office, again. At this point in time, the Narrator has employed the usage of The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™. This line winds through previously unseen portions of the office. After a bit of time, music begins to play. The line leads Stanley back to the main office building (the room just before room 417) and leads Stanley back to the Monitor Room from the Mind Control Facility. The Narrator gets angry at the Line for spoiling the game, and resets again. 

Sub-Ending 5Edit

Exit Stanley's office once again. The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ reappears, but the Narrator closes the door through which The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ is traveling and detours Stanley away from it through door 437. After traversing down more hallways, The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ reappears and leads Stanley to another room with two doors (similar to the original 2 doors room but circular.) The Narrator determines that the right door is the correct door to enter through, and opens it for Stanley.

The EndingEdit

The Confusion Ending Schedule is seen, and it lays out events that had previously happened and have yet to occur. When The Narrator refuses to restart the game, as per the schedule, he believes that he may have broken the game. He discusses more philosophy and antics about the game, but is cut off by 2 loud buzzers and the true restart of the game.

After the ending, you can see The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ through one of the windows if you go through the right door. It cannot be seen when restarting the game after this event.

Video GuideEdit

The Stanley Parable - The Confusion Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games on Steam - No Commentary

The Stanley Parable - The Confusion Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games on Steam - No Commentary

The Stanley Parable with Confusion Ending!

The Stanley Parable with Confusion Ending!

Maxing out the Confusion Ending TimerEdit

It is possible to watch the timer on the confusion ending schedule from afar without triggering the last event, therefore it is possible watch the timer count up without limitation. It goes up until 59:59:99 when the timer should be adding another digit and keep going with 1:00:00:00 (1 hour, 0 minutes...)

However the timer won't do that, instead it will contiue counting up the minutes past 59. 60:00:00, 61:00:00 and so on, it will not show the hours. If Stanley keeps waiting, the timer eventually hits 99:59:99. After this, the timer will display 40:00:00

After that, once the timer hits 99:59:99 again, it resets to 00:00:00.

It will always reset to 00:00:00 after that.




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