Confusion Ending Schedule
Confusion Ending
The Confusion Ending??
Location Information
Accessible via: Through the Confusion Ending.
Leads to: Dead end
Place of ending(s): Confusion Ending
Points of Divergence 0

The Confusion Ending Schedule is a room where Stanley and the Narrator find a television screen with a schedule laying out the details of the Confusion Ending.


First Restart

  • Discover the 2 doors room now has many additional doors
  • Aimless wandering
  • Narrator restarts the game

Second Restart

  • The Office is now a dead end
  • Turn around, find another dead end
  • End up in another building
  • Narrator restarts the game

Third Restart

  • Adventure Line
  • Nonsense philosophy and music
  • Return to the office
  • Return to the monitor room

Fourth Restart

  • Adventure into unexplored territory
  • Find the line again
  • Find the Confusion Ending Schedule
  • Narrator restarts the game

This is where the Narrator refuses to comply with the schedule and the game restarts for him. This last restart (done by the game itself) resets the entire game and cuts off the rest of the Confusion Ending from happening.

Fifth Restart

  • Narrator forgets about previous restarts
  • Stanley attempts to play the story but is prevented
  • Unable to go anywhere or do anything
  • The game resets on its own

Sixth Restart

  • Find the line again
  • Begin following the line
  • Find the identical replica of the office that has begun to deteriorate
  • Attempt to make up a story here
  • Narrator restarts the game

Seventh Restart

  • There is no longer an office, simply black space
  • Wander in the blackness
  • Find a book store
  • Get bored and leave
  • Narrator restarts the game

Eight Restart

  • The Narrator is gone
  • After a long time, Stanley dies


The Confusion Ending occurs in this room.

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