Davey Wreden
Davey Wreden, also known as Cakebread, is one of the developers of The Stanley Parable and head of

Galactic Cafe.

The Stanley Parable Development

Davey Wreden, 22 years old at the time of the modification's release, was inspired to create The Stanley Parable about three years prior[1], after considering the typical storytelling narratives within video games, and thought of what would happen if the player would go against that narration; Wreden also saw this as a means towards his planned career as a game developer[2][3]. As a videogame player, Wreden has found that most major triple-A titles at the time make numerous assumptions about the player's experience and fitting that within the game, and don't provide answers for "what if" questions that the player may consider.[4] Wreden considered that more recent games with more engaging or thought-provoking stories, including the Metal Gear Solid series, Half-Life 2, Portal, Braid, and BioShock, started to approach this void, giving reason for the player to stop and think about the narration instead of simply going through the motions.

Shortly after the release of the original mod, Wreden was contacted by William Pugh, a player who had experience in creating environments within the Source engine and had previously won a Saxxy Award for this work. Pugh had heard of the mod through word of mouth, and after being impressed with playing it, saw that Wreden was looking for help for improving the mod[5][6][7]. The two collaborated each day for two years for the revamped mod[8]. Though initially Wreden wanted to recreate the original game "beat for beat", his discussions with Pugh led to them deciding to alter existing material and add more, an "interpolation" of the original game, and creating a stand-alone title[9].

In playtesting the newer version, Pugh found that players did not respond well to having a preconceived idea of where the divergent points in the game took place, as represented by a flowchart early in the game, and this was taken out. However, Pugh also found that without some visual cues as to where divergent paths occurred, they would often miss these choices, and so added elements like colors to highlight that a choice was available at these points[10]. In the original mod, one set of choices briefly takes the player to sections modeled after parts of Half-Life 2. In the remake, Pugh and Wreden included one section where the player briefly revisits the opening of Portal, and another where the player is dropped into the middle of a Minecraft game. These sections were included after getting approval from their creators Valve Corporation and Markus Persson, respectively.[11]

To distribute the new version, the team initially considered a pay what you want scheme[12], but later sought the use of the Steam Greenlight service, where independent developers can solicit votes from other players in order to have Valve subsequently offer the title through Steam[13]. In October 2012, the game was successfully approved by Valve to be included on Steam upon the game's completion[14]. Wreden originally called the stand-alone version The Stanley Parable: HD Remix.

Davey performed the "8" voice in the Demo and on the Boss's keypad in the main game.


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