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This is a page documenting all found Easter Eggs in The Stanley Parable.


  • If you type facepunch during gameplay all world textures will have the Facepunch logo superimposed on top of them. Typing it again will revert all textures back to their original texture.
  • If you type sv_cheats 1 into the console while playing the demo, the console outputs "Why????". In The Stanley Parable, something different happens.

Demo Easter Eggs & SecretsEdit

  • The title placard behind the TV screens reads 'THE STANLEY PARABLE DEMONSTATION'. The typo is not intentional, but was also intentionally left uncorrected[1].
  • You can walk to the boxes next to the Buttons & Choice room to learn more about boxes.
    • If you go back into the Buttons & Choice room, the Narrator once again calls you a pervert.
  • There is a secret passage behind the two booths in the Emotion Booth demonstration room, where you can find a third one.
  • There is a small crevice to the left of the compliment room, near the stairs and above the ramp of the isolation chamber where the Narrator comments on the contents of this area.
  • In the storage room where you play the 'place the cup in the garbage bin' game, you can instead place the cup in one of the rafters above you, to which the Narrator responds accordingly.
    • Alternatively, if you get the cup stuck in some other way, he will say something different.
  • The big red button you were supposed to press if you didn't want to continue later appears in the hallway after you leave the storage room where you play 'place the cup in the garbage bin'.
  • In the part where you need to go to the isolation chamber, noclip to the compliments room and you an see that the room's name is changed to "release date".
  • You can see an image of Octodad on the roof before you walk into the room with the isolation chamber later in the demo.
    • Acording to the soundscript files, the Narrator was to comment on this find but was rejected due to not focusing on The Stanley Parable.
  • When the Narrator is reminiscing, if you run to the wall room you can actually go through the wall like he promised earlier.

The Stanley Parable HD Easter Eggs & SecretsEdit

  • In the main menu, a phone ringing and noises in the background as if there are employees working in the office outside Stanley's room can be heard. It's possible to hear "What were you saying..? Uhh..yeah"
  • The Meeting Room has many different slides on the projector, some of them being:
    • Tips for Not Getting Fired: Talk less. Do unbelievably amazing work all the time every day with no expectation of promotion or recognition. Don't get fired.
    • Using slides to assure employees that everything is okay. Make sure your slide has a slick blue graphic in the header, and throw some bevel on all the text. This will assure a calm and productive work environment.
  • The whiteboard inside the room also has many notes on it. The entirety of the board is:
    • Complete today's unfinished agenda items
    • Write next day's agenda
    • Reflect
    • TARGETS:
      1. √-Push for funding for R+D new of new coffee machine. √
      2. -Standardize graphs 40x wide. <--Not cost EFFICIENT $$$
      4. -Synergise papers!
      5. √-Hire someone to synergise papers.
      6. √-Papers are too synergised fire paper guy.
      7. √-Hire somebody to fire the paper synergising guy.
      8.  !?- WHO MOVED MY DESK???
        • Please keep targets on the topic of (Blurred)

-417 -405 -491 -416

    • -431 -Jim
  • In the room after the Mind Control Monitor room, filled with buttons, and the location for the Explosion Ending, the icons on the small glowing buttons are references to several things:
    1. Fez
    2. Super Hexagon
    3. Antichamber
    4. Telltale Games (serifed 'G')
    5. The gaming community
    6. The Binding of Isaac (Brimstone power up icon)
Additionally, there is one of these buttons with a generic Power symbol, and it is believed to not reference to any game.
  • There is a chance a phone will ring outside Stanley's office, with three possible calls:
    1. Stanley's Wife calls him to say she is bringing home some groceries.
    2. The Future Happiness Foundation calls to confirm your order of 1327 boxes. If accepted, the office will be full of cardboard boxes the next time the game resets.
    3. A recorded message is left for you or someone else in the office to warn you of the dangers of recorded messages.
  • In the main menu, by typing "secret" (not on the console), and clicking on the credits option, a different music will play than the one that is played usually. It is unknown who made the music or what it is called, but its filename is becret.wav
  • Additionally, by typing "vinh" in the credits, the music will change to Who Likes To Party (by Kevin Macleod), as well as the black background to multiple images of the Employee of the Year.
  • The Boss' Office Keypad, If you enter 1947 on the keypad, the Narrator will say that you entered the right password, but nothing will happen if you input it right away. Entering 1947 again opens the passageway.
    1. This is a reference to the original Half-Life 2 Stanley Parable.
    • Wait for the Narrator to end narration, then type in the keypad: 8888. It will fail, then type 8888 again. This will unlock the passageway, the 8888888888888888 achievement and a voice will say Eight. The voice originates from The Stanley Parable Demo's Eight Game.
    • At some circumstances, the Narrator will automatically opens the passageway without waiting for you to input the code. Additionally, he will also opens the passageway if you're standing idle in the Boss' Office.
  • After several playthroughs, the door to the Executive Bathroom and the doors to the Elevator Room get unlocked.
  • The text on the wall of the executive bathroom changes every playthrough.
  • The Elevator Room contains an elevator that does not lead anywhere.
  • In the Monitor Room, there is an employee screen titled "Employee Pirate".
  • Above the screen of Employee 001 is another screen with no number, but instead has a picture of Clippy, the office assistant, on it.
  • Console Commands
    • Main article: Console Commands
    • If you input 'imabird' in the console, the player will float above the ground like in the Mariella Ending.
    • If you input 'bark' in the console, the USE function makes barking noises.
      • Nothing special happens upon barking on the cat picture on one of the boss's shelves in the Boss' Office.
    • If you input 'raphael' in the console, all the Narrator dialogue will be replaced with him saying "Stanley" and with every dialogue "Sssstannnleeeyyyy!!!" will be outputted to console.
  • If you stay in the Mind Control Facility long enough, the gates that take you back open and allow access to the light button, which will trigger a Secret Disco Party.
    Secrets All The Way!!!

    The Disco Secret

  • In the Freedom Ending, next to the first button in the television screen room, it is possible to walk onto the blue chair, then onto the desk, and over the fence. You will fall down onto the floor below, similar to the out-of-window ending. There appears to be nothing down there, and you have to restart manually. (This is actually a bug, not an easter egg.)
  • While passing Room 417, if you close both doors around you the Narrator starts commenting on it.
  • Looking through the window behind 424's desk, you can see a door leading to a grey-ish area. Almost completely out of sight, a text is written on the wall.
    • The text says: SECRETS!!!!!! WILLIAM IS GREAT
    • Under the text, three smaller texts can be seen under it, reading: DAVEY IS BAD AT MAPPING, DAVEY IS BAD AT WRITING and DAVEY IS BAD AT FINDING SECRETS!!!!
  • After taking the left door, interact a few times with the first painting you see. The texture will change to the photo of one of the developers and title: Employee of the Year.
  • All clocks in the game run clockwise, except for clocks you see through windows. They run counterclockwise.
  • When you finish the Confusion Ending and take the door to the right you will come across a window where you will find The Stanley Parable Adventure Line.
    • If you follow the path that leads to mentioned ending, follow the zigzag of the Adventure Line and eventually the Narrator will play some music. Keep following the path until you enter a room with a swinging ceiling lamp and boxes. Go further until you find a door labeled '0B2'. In the corner you will see Dallas's Mask from the Payday series.
  • If you follow The Stanley Parable Adventure Line after the music starts, when you reach the company files there will be a path that will lead to the employee 432 Peer Reviews. There are a lot of strange things about employee 432, you can find some here
  • If you get the Games Ending, and play up until the Minecraft ending - use the command console to enter noclip, and fly into the clouds. There you will find a loudspeaker floating in the blackness. (This is the entity used for the Narrator, in similar fashion to how GLaDOS' dialogue is set up in the Portal games)
  • In the Portal part of the game ending, the mysterious loudspeaker can also be found floating above the rooms using noclip.
    • (additional information: in the decompiled game maps, it said "narrator" under the name of the generic_actor point entity which it is)
    • It exists in every map, mostly as loudspeaker except in the freedom ending, there it is a skull. (see bottom of this page)
    • In map2, it exists twice, as loudspeaker and as clipboard (in a nodraw space directly behind a door in the countdown room)
      Testchmb a 000007

      The mysterious loudspeaker above the Portal part of the Game Ending.

  • Blockbase0006

    Speaker above the clouds in the Minecraft ending - narrator??

    If you go down the staircase where you have to go to the boss's office, you can find a note from the game Gone Home under the bottom of the stairway.
  • Sometimes after starting the game, the office area you enter right after leaving Stanley's office will have changed.
    • Sometimes the floor will be filled with papers.
    • Sometimes the first hallway will bend to the left, rather than to the right. If this happens, one of the papers in the pile of boxes and papers that are directly outside office 426 will have code on it. When deciphered, the code reads "codes that are secret are the best".
    • Sometimes the office will be blue, and the second office room (After the hallway that bends to the right) is skipped. When this happens, it is possible to open door 426. Behind it will be a whiteboard with the text "Welcome the the... WHITEBOARD ENDING!". In the bottom right corner will be the text "Console >bark". Entering "Bark" into the console (Without "quotation marks") will result in a bark sound every time you press the "Use" button
      2014-12-08 00001
  • There is a chance you will catch a glimpse of one of your co-workers (actually Stanley himself) behind room 425.
  • At some times when Stanley first leaves his office, the Narrator will comment "someone is chasing Stanley, he could feel it". This may or may not be related to the person who can be seen walking behind door 425.
  • Typing "_u" into the console gives the error message "Hey don't you even try". It's related to the Unachievable achievement.
  • In the demo games files under bin there is a file labeled README. It opens up saying "hi timmy!"
    • For extra information on this, see this website for more information.
  • Hammer Secret (Requires Portal 2 and according Authoring Tools to find!) - Turret Cube
  1. Navigate to The Stanley Parables game directory
  2. Copy the materials folder to the Portal 2 directory
  3. Load up Portal 2 Authoring Tools
  4. Go to the Textures Tab, and search the keywords, it will say "Stop looking through the game files, you nerd!"
Freedom Barn
As explained here, the command « bind "t" "ent_teleport player" », allows you to teleport yourself to the nearest obstacle in front of you. If used in the Freedom Ending, you'll be able to get in the open air without triggering the final cutscene, thus being truly free to visit the area.
Skull in Freedom Ending

A skull in the Freedom Ending.

Doing so, you'll soon notice there is a skull by the little barn on the left hand side. It is unknown to who this skull belongs to, though there is a possibility of it being Franz.

Stanley freedom skull

Skull in freedom ending

R.I.P Franz..

Upper right corner: "R.I.P. Franz"



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