Elevator Room
Elevator Room
Nice music, isn't it?
Location Information
Accessible via: Boss' Office
Leads to: Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending, Launch Pod Ending, Museum Ending
Place of ending(s): None
Points of Divergence 0
  • The Elevator Room is a room accessible from within the Boss' Office after travelling along the main storyline at least 3 times in a row. In the room is a painting of a panda bear with a gun to its head and an elevator. Pressing the button will open the door, and pressing the button when inside the elevator will close the elevator doors. 

Even though it may seem like you are moving, the elevator does not actually go anywhere. If you listen carefully though, you can hear the narrator humming, coughing and making noises in a very silent and awkward manner, as if he was actually standing next to you in the elevator. You can also hear a whispering of "ssstannly" through out. Pressing the buttons inside the elevator while it is running will stop the elevator and open the doors back into the elevator room.

and players can't see because door is closed, at first time, floor light is unpowered. when you push the button whether up or down, it will lit up before the door start to open. You can see when you use the !picker, elevator door is just same door as employee's office door or boss' or the baricade in Phone Ending.


No endings occur in this room.

The Stanley Parable Soundtrack - Elevator04:18

The Stanley Parable Soundtrack - Elevator

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