This page details content that was made by the community (Mods, machinimas, fangames, etc...)
The content on this page is not canon to the series and is not included within the core game.

Narration: Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod/Narration

The Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod is a modification for The Stanley Parable, modifying the Escape Pod Ending, adding Narrator dialogue when Stanley is teleported to Floor 754. Due to this, this makes the Escape Pod actually run. It is also alternatively titled "Alt Escape Pod Ending".


  • The Narrator's voice actor, Kevin Brighting, actually participated in the mod, adding the dialogue.
  • In the mod, the Narrator is confused at how the player managed to get to Floor 754.
  • This mod was inspired by an image that was uploaded 2 years ago what it would be like if the escape pod worked.
  • During the moving of the mod folder, you have to merge every file.