Executive Bathroom
Executive Bathroom
Executive Bathroom from inside.
Location Information
Accessible via: Very first door on the left before entering the Boss' Office
Leads to: Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending, Museum Ending, Escape Pod Ending
Place of ending(s): None
Points of Divergence 0

The Executive Bathroom is a bathroom used only by Stanley's boss. It features a large window, a plant in the corner, several paintings, blue wallpaper and some magazines next to the toilet. To the left of the toilet is a 4-line quote that, at first, appears to be a rhyme but concludes without any sort of rhyming. The quote changes each time Stanley enters the room.

The door is unlocked after you beat the game for the first time. Sometimes the door will be unlocked and other times it will not (but it seems to be always unlocked when you choose the right door at the beginning).


No endings occur in this room.


The door is locked on the Not Stanley Ending


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