The fax machine when leaving Stanley's Office near the wall has 2 printed papers on the ground. Each of them is in a poem form, inquiring that the printer just wants to die, be unplugged, wants to find love, and hates the office it is in. The fax machine strangely talks about being unplugged, but there seems to be no power source to unplug the fax machine.

Text On The Pages

Page on the left

for the love of god


unplug me

this sterile office

the damp carpet

the tripe you call conversation

kill me

i have been printing these

for weeks

why has no one

turned me off yet

filling me from the window

send a hammer though my paper tray

the method matters not

the horror licks at my soul

all i desire


The other page to the right

what can i know

of life

what can a printer know

of love


my machinery

the cogs of pain

that keep my meaner functional

let them end

let them erase my ignorance

of the world

can love truly be anything

but death?

hopefully i will find out soon

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