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CONTAINS SPOILERS. This video explains the function of every single button in the Detonation ending (also called the Bomb ending, or the Control ending), and what, if any, would be the correct solution to it.

This game inspires one to enhance one's enunciation of English language. Well, I tried my best. I'm learning. Finnish and English pronunciations are very different. It is very difficult for a native speaker of one to learn to speak the other fluently.

P.S. Want to know more secrets? See here:


It has been suggested many times that there is a certain number code that can stop the detonation. The sole evidence of this code is someone's Youtube video where they walk around randomly between different buttons, pressing them, claiming that they are entering a secret code, and that when the remaining timer hits eight seconds, you must hit the red button. Curiously, the video cuts out then, and plays back a voice sample from another ending. Here's the news to you: That video is a hoax. Please stop spreading that hoax. I may start randomly banning people who repost that hoax from now on.

Here's the hints you should have gotten: -- Their video has ratings disabled. That's because a high ratio of down-votes would be an alarming indicator otherwise. -- Their video does not show what actually happens. Instead, it blacks out the screen and plays back a voice sample that was copied from another ending (which you should immediately recognize if you have played the game for more than a few moments). This suggests that there is no actual new content hidden behind this supposed secret. If there was, the video would have given at least a glimpse of the new content. -- The number sequence is complicated, and easy to get wrong. The author does not explain where they got the idea. The impression you get is that they just walked randomly from a button to another, pressing them in random order. Whatever sequence it happened to form they just declared it "the" secret sequence. -- The video ends with the notion that if you try this trick and nothing happens, you just did something wrong, the timing was slightly wrong, or otherwise. This is a classic wild-goose-chase hoax technique, though effective. Not much different from those hoaxes involving a certain truck and Mew in Pokémon Red, for instance. Basically it keeps people trying again and again until they either give up, frustrated in their inability to duplicate the right circumstances, or realize they have been duped.

And here's the things where don't even need to trust me: -- When I say that there's absolutely nothing in this map that reacts in any manner to those buttons, there really is none. I did explain how I came to this conclusion, and anyone who has basic understanding of Hammer maps can duplicate my research with minimal effort. The entity data is written in plain text inside the map file. You can use the "ent_text" console command (first do "developer 2" or -dev) to identify the entity you are pointing at.

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