This is a list of all narration for the Freedom Ending:

Blackness... and a rising chill of uncertainty...

Was it over?

Yes! He had won.

He has defeated the machine, unshackled himself from someone else's command. Freedom was mere moments away.

And, yet, even as immense door slowly opened, Stanley reflected one how many puzzles still lay unsolved.

Where had his co-workers gone? How had he been freed from the machine's grasp? What other mysteries did this strange building hold?

But as sunlight streamed into the chamber, he realized none of this mattered to him. For it was not knowledge, or even power, that he had been seeking, but happiness.

Perhaps his goal had not to been to understand, but to let go.

No longer would anyone tell him where to go, what to do, or how to feel. Whatever life he lives, it will be his.

And that was all he needed to know. It was, perhaps, the only thing worth knowing

Stanley stepped through the open door.

Stanley felt the cool breeze upon his skin, the feeling of liberation, the immense possibility of the new path before him.

This was exactly the way, that things were game meant to happen.

And Stanley was happy.

(Game Restarts)