Talks False
Appears in Watching Stanley in her ending
Playable? False
Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 3.29.38 PM

Mariella is a female non-player character that appears in the Mariella Ending. It's not known if Mariella works at another place or for the same company as Stanley does. In the ending where she makes her first (and only) appearance, she discovers the dead body of Stanley lying on the ground. The Narrator says that when Mariella saw him, she realized how lucky she was because of being a "normal" person, who knows can tell reality from fiction and fantasy.


In the original Half-Life 2 mod of The Stanley Parable, she uses a generic female citizen model commonly seen in Half-Life 2, with black hair and blue Downtrodden clothes. She stands there, moving slightly and watching Stanley. However, in the HD Remake, she was given her own model: She is now a blonde woman with a beige dress and a brown purse, maybe related to her work. She doesn't show any movement. Her hand covers up her face showing an expression of surprise.

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