Meeting Room
Meeting Room
Yet there was not a single person here either.
Location Information
Accessible via: Taking the door on the left in the Two Doors Room, or through the Maintenance Room
Leads to: Mariella Ending, Museum Ending, Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending, Broom Closet Ending, Escape Pod Ending
Place of ending(s): None
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

The Meeting Room is a room where Stanley's coworkers supposedly meet to discuss workplace topics or hear presentations from their Boss.


The Meeting Room features a long desk, 12 chairs, a projector on the ceiling, a projector screen and several filing cabinets and whiteboards. The Narrator oftens speaks of the Meeting Room as Stanley's main objective: Go to the Meeting Room and find the co-workers. In a monitor screen in The Monitor Room ( in the Mind Control Facility ), it shows the Meeting Room's projector turned off. The projector is off after you exit the Boss's Office.

In the Not Stanley Ending, if Stanley had the Narrative Contradiction to occur, the Meeting Room will succumb to distortion with wreckage littering the Meeting Room, blocking his path.


No endings occur in the Meeting Room.