"Stanley walked through the large door that read Mind Control Facility"
-The Narrator

Mind Control Facility
Mind Control Facility
Make it more obvious, why don't you?
Location Information
Accessible via: Elevator in Boss' Office
Leads to: Museum Ending, Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending
Place of ending(s): Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending
Points of Divergence 2

The Mind Control Facility is the heart of the operations being hidden by Stanley's boss. It comprises of 3 rooms : The Monitor Room, Countdown Room and Facility Power Room.


The Freedom Ending and Explosion Ending occur within the facility (the Facility Power Room and Countdown Room.) The entrance itself does not feature any endings.

Taking the path labeled "Escape" leads to the Museum Ending; it does not directly occur within this room.

Differences In HL2 Mod & HD Remix

  • In the HD Remix, the facility is divided into three sections, while in the Original Mod the facility only has a large room.
  • The Monitor Room in the HD Remix contains hundreds of screens, but only several screens presented in the Original Mod.
  • The Countdown Room has many buttons and computers in the HD Remix. In the Original Mod, there are only three computers with buttons scattered around the room's corner.
  • The Facility Power Room, in the Original Mod, was located on top of the Monitor Room; however, the Power Room was given its own room in the HD Remix.
  • The countdown timer is set on a large screen in the HD Remix, while in the Original Mod, the timer simply appears on top of the player's PC screen.


  • Some of the screens are just repeated textures.

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