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Minecraft World

The Minecraft World is a random game world in The Stanley Parable where the Narrator sends Stanley after his failure with the Baby Game. The Narrator asked Stanley if this game world is better, a game the Narrator had nothing to do with. The Narrator decides to build himself a house, when he finishes building it, he will tell Stanley to go mining so that he can rebuild it out of diamonds. Later in their adventure, the Narrator brings Stanley into the Test Chamber 00 due to the Minecraft game being more "open-ended" than he had expected (the Minecraft's world is, by all means, "infinite"). He rates the game 1 out of 5.

The Minecraft World can be reached by heading to the Games Ending.


The world consist of several mountains covered in snow, trees and grass-covered patches. Later, the Narrator builds a house from dirt and leads Stanley into a dark tunnel located at another patch to find some diamond.

If you stay in the world instead of going into the cave, you will hear the soundtrack "Door" by the original Minecraft soundtrack creator - C418.[1] This soundtrack is from C418's "Minecraft - Volume Alpha" album, which you can see for yourself here: .

As you descend into the dungeon, it will start to get darker and you can hear zombies being nearby. Despite this, none can be encountered or even seen.

After entering deep into the cave, the narrator says, "You know what? I think this game is far too open-ended for my likes. Okay, new game!" And sends Stanley into the Test Chamber 00.


No endings occur in this area.

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