Okay, yep, it's worse.

–The Narrator's reaction to seeing the lack of doors in what was the Two Doors Room


No Doors?

Two Doors Room in Confusion Ending 2

Alternate view

The No Doors Room is the Two Doors Room but with no doors. This room is encountered during the Confusion Ending.

Obtaining the Room

This room is a secret room, unlike other rooms. To obtain the room, the player must activate the Confusion Ending by going through the right door, taking the open door on the left, and going down the elevator. After the 6 Doors Room, during the third restart, the room will occur.


Instead of the usual left and right door, instead it is a dead end with no doors. Everything else is still the same.


  • During the Confusion Ending, after the third restart, the room will still be a dead end.
  • This room is one of the few rooms to have no doors.
  • This is the only room to remove passageways from a typical room.