A Point of Divergence is a specific point in the game where the player is presented with a choice. Often times, the choice will determine what happens later on in the game and will change the ending Stanley is presented with.

Points of Divergence are almost always in the form of doors; taking one door versus another will lead Stanley to a different ending of the game. Even though some part of the game may seem as though it is divergent, all options will continue linearly along the same ending. The only difference would be in The Narrator dialogue.

PODs Prior to 2 Doors Room

  1. Type sv_cheats 1 into the console at any time for the Serious Ending.
  2. Stanley's office: Closing the door before exiting leads to the Coward Ending.
  3. First office complex: Climbing onto employee 434's desk and crouching outside the window leads to the Out of Map Ending.

Left Door Endings

POD L1: Stairs

  • Going up the stairs leads to the following endings:

POD L2: Boss's Office

  • Backing out of the doors to the Boss's Office before they close leads to the Escape Pod Ending.

POD L3: Facility Entrance

POD L4: Endgame

Right Door Endings

POD R1: Employee Lounge Hallway

  • After the Employee Lounge, take the first open door on Stanley's left and walk past the elevator to proceed to the following endings:
  • Proceeding past the door leads to the following endings:

POD R2: Maintenance Room

  • Proceeding out the door of the Maintenance Room leads to the following endings:

POD R3: Warehouse

  • Taking the cargo lift in the Warehouse to the end leads to the following endings:
  • Activating the lift but backing off of it quickly leads to the Cold Feet Ending.
  • Jumping off the cargo lift and onto the floor of the room leads to the Powerful Ending.
  • Jumping off the cargo lift but onto the metal railings below leads to the following endings:

POD R4: Phone Room

POD R5: Colored Door Room

  • Taking the Red door leads to the Zending.
  • Taking the Blue door all three times leads to the following endings:

POD R6: Baby Game

  • Playing the Baby/Puppy game for 4 hours leads to the Art Ending.
  • Losing either the Baby game or the Puppy game leads to the Games Ending.