Facepunch Quick Stanley, close your eyes!
This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.
But in his eagerness to prove he is in control of the story and no one gets to tell him what to do, Stanley leapt from the platform and plunged to his death.


Powerful Ending
Powerful Ending
The penalties for misuse of the Cargo Lift.
Ending Information
Location Warehouse
Door Choice Right Door
Narration Powerful Ending/Narration

You may also be looking for the Zending, in which Stanley commits suicide in a similar, albeit more drawn-out, fashion.

The Powerful Ending is an ending that occurs when Stanley jumps from the cargo lift to the floor below him.

Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's Office. At the Two Doors Room, pick the one on the right. Pass through the Employee Lounge, and to the Warehouse. Get on the cargo lift, and as drop to the floor below.

The Ending

As Stanley hits the ground, the screen will go black, and the Narrator speaks that Stanley feels as if he had the power to ruin the Narrator's story by jumping off the cargo lift. He congratulates Stanley for his attempt to take matters into his own hands (in a sarcastic tone) and resets the game.

The Stanley Parable - Powerful Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games PC - No Commentary Gameplay01:05

The Stanley Parable - Powerful Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games PC - No Commentary Gameplay

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