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For completeness, and boredom... there is a "hidden" readme file in Dump0.tmp

In truth, it isn't hidden, gosecret has a line of code that specifically prevents it from being extracted and requires you to go install the compiler just to get to the file.

(From GoSecret.d)

// Readme was only meant for those who found the file while it was still a secret.         // Leaving it out because people might think they found something cool and spam GranPC's inbox.         // If you really want to see it, ask nicely and someone with the original file will probably help you.         // Or just replace "readme" with "readmenot" and recompile :)

(The "hidden" readme file)


Great job on opening up the file! You should totally email me at if you're reading this right now! :)

It'd be pretty rad if you didn't tell anyone how to open the file - at least for now, since there's quite a few easter eggs that are hidden in this file and it would be pretty lame if you kinda spoilt them for everyone.


also william sux (not really)

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