Serious Ending
Serious Room
What's the name of the table store?
Ending Information
Location Teleported from any point in the game
Door Choice N/A
Narration Serious Ending/Narration

The Serious Ending is the ending that occurs when the player attempts to enable server cheats in the game in order to mess with the game and explore unknown parts of the office.

Obtaining The EndingEdit

Enable the console for the game by any means that make it possible. Launch the game. Then, type sv_cheats 1 to be teleported to the Serious Room.

The EndingEdit

The Narrator discusses the seriousness of the situation for a long time, remarking his serious table and the Serious Room. If the player attempts to enable cheats again, then the Narrator will remark about how Stanley has not learned his lesson, talking about how his table may not be serious enough. If the cheats are enabled once again, the Narrator will say he needs to look at some notes and tables, and won't talk any further. Trying to open the only present door is useless, since the door only has a solid wall behind it.


It is actually possible to enable server cheats instead of being sent to the Serious Room... even though in both cases, it requires messing around with the server.dll file, This can be obtained in 2 different ways.

  1. Common Solution: Replace the Full game's server.dll with the server.dll from The Stanley Parable Demo
  2. Hex-Editting Solution: Open up server.dll in a hex-editor of your choice and follow the instructions of the comment by the user "pointless" on this page
The Stanley Parable - The Serious Room

The Stanley Parable - The Serious Room




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