Stanley's Apartment
Stanley's Apartment
It's beautiful.
Location Information
Accessible via: Answering the phone in the Phone Room
Leads to: Nowhere
Place of ending(s): Phone Ending
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

Stanley's Apartment is an area which appears in the Phone Ending, and the place where the Story of The Death of A Man Named Stanley is told.


Stanley's Apartment is where Stanley lives when he is not working. Originally, a voice that pretends to be Stanley's Wife answers the door, but it is revealed to be a mannequin on The Narrator's part. Stanley's Apartment can be accessed by answering the phone in the Phone Room, which teleports Stanley to outside Stanley's Apartment door. Inside Stanley's Apartment itself is a small kitchenette that includes a refrigerator, sink, stove and drawers, a circular couch and table, and a separate bedroom featuring a small bed and bathroom. The bedroom is blocked by a cushioned chair, so Stanley cannot enter the bedroom or bathroom.

As the Phone Ending progresses, features of Stanley's Apartment change and transform. By the ending, Stanley's Apartment has changed to mirror Stanley's Office. This calls into question the existence of Stanley's Apartment outside of work, as well as Stanley's Wife.


This room is where the Phone Ending occurs.

Trivia Edit

Attempting to leave Stanley's Apartment floor is futile, as The Narrator will immediately block you with a brick wall, saying that Stanley is in his story now.

Stanley's apartment number is 427, the same as his employee number.