Stanley's Wife
Talks True
Appears in Phone Ending
Playable? False
Objective Nothing but talks a bit and moves around.

Stanley's wife is an unseen character and supposedly Stanley's wife. Her voice can be heard in a random phone call in the first office outside Stanley's office and in the Phone Ending.


It's uncertain what Stanley's wife looks like. It is proven that she exists, due to the random phone call that Stanley may receive while in the office.


She is heard in the phone call in Stanley's office (not associated with any ending,) mentioned prior to and within the Phone Room and is mentioned within the Phone Ending, where she is (supposedly) baking a loaf of bread. If Stanley receives a call from her, she will inform Stanley about some groceries she needs him to buy.


  • As with the Female Narrator, the voice actor of Stanley's wife (Aviva Pinchas[1]) is only credited in the game's Museum.
  • The voice on the Future Happiness Foundation call and the recorded message in the office sounds like the voice of Stanley's Wife.



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