Talks True
Appears in Not physically.
Objective Guiding Stanley. (Not all rooms)
The Narrator is the voice heard constantly by Stanley in The Stanley Parable, who serves a general purpose of guiding Stanley.

Narrator's signature, as seen in the Stanley Parable IndieBox Manual.

He is voiced by Kevan Brighting.


The Narrator's personality depends entirely on the choices Stanley makes, and may develop into several different personalities, such as sad, angry, obnoxious, happy, and confused.

In several endings such as the Freedom Ending or the Confusion Ending, the Narrator serves his role in the game as the player's guide and even friend. However, the Narrator can also display a cold, ruthless demeanor. This is showcased in the Explosion Ending and the Museum Ending, where he willingly lets Stanley slowly die. Although in the Museum ending, he tried to warn Stanley about entering the escape route.

The Narrator also displays a great deal of sarcasm; in the Serious Room, he exclaims that most rational people would say that the Narrator spends an absurd amount of time doing nothing but looking at tables. Also, in the Games Ending, the Narrator sarcastically remarks that he "doesn't need the validation of a man whose job is to push buttons".
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The Narrators Possible Identity

The Narrator is also impatient; if Stanley stays in the Broom Closet, the Narrator will get bored and angry quite quickly. He does the opposite of this in the Demo, where he says he'll wait for Stanley if the player waits in the waiting room, and plays the 8 game.

In some endings, the Narrator will also make fun of Stanley. For example, in one of the endings in the original Half Life 2 mod, he will call Stanley "fat, ugly, and really, really stupid". The same line is used to mock Stanley if he stays inside the Broom Closet long enough.

The Narrator shows an antagonistic personality in the following endings:

  • Explosion Ending - He reveals his plot about erasing Stanley's co-workers and expecting to see Stanley die in many ways. He also taunts Stanley while the countdown goes down.
  • Cold Feet Ending - He pressures Stanley into jumping off the platform, and then makes a sarcastic remark about making a miss-calculation.
  • Phone Ending - He tricks Stanley about the existence of his wife. Although the Narrator was trying to prove a point.

In the Zending and the Games Ending, the Narrator instead falls victim to Stanley's villainous role, as Stanley ignores and tortures the Narrator and prevents him from being happy.


The Narrator is shown to have control over the environment, although the exact details vary. He can open and close most doors, open up new pathways, and even create plot elements. And of course, talk to Stanley. He does not have unlimited control, however. In the Confusion Ending for example, the Narrator is nearly as much of a victim to the environment as Stanley.

When player issue Escape Pod Ending, all narrations disabled.


See Dialogue


  • Some have theorized the Narrator to be Stanley addressing himself in third person and with everything being Stanley's imagination.
    • This, however, may seem unlikely to be true since numerous factors suggest otherwise, such as the ending in which Stanley goes crazy.
  • The Narrator has claimed to rely on Stanley to exist. This contradicts his decisions in some endings, in which he seems happy to let Stanley die, and even went as far as ditching Stanley in the Games Ending.
  • The Narrator can be considered both a deuteragonist and an antagonist, depending on the ending played.
  • In the original Half Life 2 mod the Narrator can be more rude in the endings.
  • The Narrator will be at his most evil in the Explosion Ending, due to the fact that he's sick and tired of you disobeying him.

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