The Office
The Office
Where is everybody?
Location Information
Accessible via: Stanley's Office
Leads to: All the endings (except for the Whiteboard Ending because it requires another office.)
Place of ending(s): Out of Map Ending, Confusion Ending, Coward Ending
Points of Divergence 4
Gallery Endings Access
The Office is the main scene for the game. Sans the Coward Ending (which occurs in Stanley's office) and optionally the Serious Room Ending, every other ending can be found by going through the office. Throughout the office, many desks, telephones, computers and printers can be seen. The offices of other employees can also be seen. The floor is a bright brown carpet and the walls are a paler brown. During several circumstances, the Office's look and design will alter significantly, such as different-colored walls or altered office layout.

The Office is defined throughout the game and to the Boss's Office and just before the Warehouse. The Maintenance Room is also included as part of the office.


This room is where the Out of Map Ending occurs. The Confusion Ending can be accessed by going through the Maintenance Room of the Office.
The Stanley Parable - Breaking The Short Start

The Stanley Parable - Breaking The Short Start

The Stanley Parable - Extremely Long Start-1414336901

The Stanley Parable - Extremely Long Start-1414336901

The Stanley Parable - Extremely Short Start-0

The Stanley Parable - Extremely Short Start-0

Sometimes When Starting/Restarting the game the office will be a hallway leading to the two doors room.
The Stanley Parable - Extremely Weird Start-1

The Stanley Parable - Extremely Weird Start-1


  • In the Escape Corridors, if Stanley looks through a window in one of the halls, he can see an exact same office layout in the main building just outside his office room but with the lights turned off. This may indicate the Escape Corridors are really located right outside the windows in the Office.
  • Sometimes the first turn from the office will be a left turn. If you open and close doors while in the elbow turn, you'll notice the doors being invisible as they open and close. This may also break the Launch Pod Ending.
  • There is a rare chance of the Office have a different lay-out and blue walls, as seen here. As seen in the "Extremely Long Start" video, the Two Doors Room has a chance of being moved behind a series of corridors. Stanley's room might also be connected to the Two Doors Room through a single hallway on occasion. (See Randomized Beginnings).
  • There is a rare chance of a worker outside employee 425 office, where you can see through his window.
  • Clicking on every door of the office will make the Narrator react.
  • While looking at the office 417, if you shut both doors the Narrator will react.
  • Sometimes you get phone calls from Stanley's wife, the Future Happiness Foundation, or a random stranger.
  • In the office you can get the Click on door 430 five times achievement.
  • The office layout would return to its normal state if you proceed to the Launch Pod Ending, even if you get another office layout.
  • Rarely the office floor will be covered almost completely in documents but stops before the two doors choice, but there are some papers at the entrance.

An office section

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The office with the scattered documents