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The three composers of original music for The Stanley Parable each released an album containing the music they contributed to the game:

  • “Bits of Music from The Stanley Parable” by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra (Bandcamp)
  • “The Stanley Parable [Official Sountrack]” by Yiannis Ioannides (Bandcamp)
  • “Volume 427” by Christiaan Bakker (Bandcamp)
  • "Door" by C418

Below is an unofficial, incomplete list of soundtracks and musics present in The Stanley Parable and places/events where they are played. All rights owned by Galactic Cafe as the creator of The Stanley Parable.

  • Introducing Stanley (game intro)
  • Exploring Stanley (wandering in the Office)
  • Floating World - Pillars of Light (Zending & the Divine Art)
  • And Stanley Was Happy (Freedom Ending)
  • Control? (Explosion Ending)
  • Leaving Stanley (At the end of the Not Stanley ending)
  • Who Likes To Party - Kevin MacLeod ("secrets" easter egg)
  • Following Stanley (Confusion Ending, when following the Adventure Line)
  • Elevator Bossa Nova (the Elevator)
  • Anticipating Stanley (The Stanley Parable Demo)
  • Celebrating Stanley (The Stanley Parable Demo)
  • Truth And Lies (Monitor Room[Except Confusion Ending])
  • Showing Him The Door (Mariella Ending)
  • Showing Him The Door - Panic (Immediately after "Showing Him The Door")
  • Informing Stanley (The Stanley Parable Instructional Video)
  • Contemplating Stanley (End of Mariella Ending)
The Stanley Parable Soundtrack full20:14

The Stanley Parable Soundtrack full

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