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  • May 17 - 50% Off!

The Stanley Parable is 50% off until monday! Go get it now!

  • October 20 - Over 100k Units Sold!

The Stanley Parable was released on Steam a few days ago, and already it sold over 100,000 units! The official dev blog of The Stanley Parable cites that the amount of let's plays on YouTube that played the demo, contributed to the games overall success. Click this link to buy the game on Steam now!

  • October 22, 2014 - Over 1 million copies sold!

Since that date, The Stanley Parable (within a week) sold over 1 million units!


  • Did you know, The Stanley Parable was originally a mod for Half-Life 2?
  • Did you know, the voice in-game is British voice actor Kevan Brighting?
  • Did you know, the original version of The Stanley Parable (the mod version), was released on the modding website MODDB?
  • Did you know, there is a Trailer gag called "The Raphael Parable", which was released by the developers?

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