Compete against others to improve your Stanley Parable career!

–The Stanley Parable Leaderboard



The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard

Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard

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The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard is a list of (supposedly fictional) video game players from all over the world who have been, or is playing The Stanley Parable. Stanley's name is listed at the bottom of the list, most likely placed there by The Narrator as an insult for Stanley's disobedience to him (no. 9328 out of 9328 players). Stanly can be seen ranked below A dead rat, Hitler, and Mussolini. The Leaderboard also displayed several fake statistics to insult Stanley even more, stating that "98.9% of players are more attractive than Stanley".


The Leaderboard can be found by following the route to the Art Ending/Games Ending. When the Narrator instructs you to push a rating button (you can push any button you want), the Narrator will take you back to the Two Doors Room. The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard is on the wall to your left.

Trivia Edit

  • Only Stanley is online.
  • The person at the top of the list beat the game in two seconds.




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