Two Doors Room
Two Doors Room
The first obvious choice Stanley must make.
Location Information
Accessible via: Office hallway
Leads to: All other endings, except for the Coward Ending and Out of Map Ending
Place of ending(s): Not Stanley Ending
Points of Divergence 1
Gallery Endings Access
When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he entered the door on his left.

–The Narrator

The Two Doors Room is the first major Point of Divergence that Stanley faces. There are other prior to it, but every player who clicks "Begin game again" and does not advance to the Coward Ending or Out of Map Ending enters this room. The room is present in, and is the cornerstone of, both the original mod and HD remix, with the office layout before and after the room all designed with the room in mind.

Upon entering the room the door will shut behind you, the Narrator asserts that the player takes the left door. Taking the left door leads to the Meeting Room (the Employee Lounge in the original mod). Should the player choose to go through the right door, the Narrator says Stanley knew he was going the wrong way, and takes the first open door on his left to resume the story. In the HD Remix, the right door leads to the Employee Lounge before the open door.

This room is also significant in other endings, and can often change based on the ending you are inside of.


  • In the Confusion Ending, the room changes twice. The first time, it holds six doors instead of two. In the next restart, it is a dead end with no doors. Later, the player will come across a circular two doors room.
  • In the Games Ending, a third door appears on the far right of the wall. The ending will progress to the same room no matter what door you take here. Later on, a screen known as The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard appears on the left wall. The original rendition of the room makes a reappearance towards the end while Stanley is walking through the original mod version of the game.
  • In the Not Stanley Ending, the right door will make other parts of the office distorted and destroyed due to narrative contradiction. If the player goes through the left door to the Meeting Room, and then returns to the Two Doors room, the room will begin to deteriorate as well. After the Narrator shuts the game down, the player will awaken in the room's ruins. Taking the left door will have the story progress seemingly normally until you reach the Boss's Office.