Full of boxes and vehicles... but do they go anywhere?
Location Information
Accessible via: Walking past the Maintenance Room door.
Leads to: Phone Ending, Not Stanley Ending, Zending, Games Ending, Art Ending
Place of ending(s): Powerful Ending, Cold Feet Ending
Points of Divergence 3
Gallery Endings Access

The Warehouse is a large, open room where countless boxes and storage containers exist, presumably to serve the purposes of the office. A low, industrial noise can be heard in the background. There is a cargo lift which presumably used to deliver/move boxes and containers alike. Next to the cargo lift is a notice board explaining the charges one should pay for misusing the lift.

Warehouse 2

Alternate view


The Warehouse is where the Powerful Ending and Cold Feet Ending occur.


Warehouse beta 1

The first rendition of the Warehouse.

Warehouse beta 2

The second rendition of the Warehouse.

  • The Warehouse went through two designs before the one that is currently implemented. The first design was scrapped by the developers to give the player the option of jumping off the cargo lift and committing suicide (Powerful Ending). The second design was scrapped in favour of a room that actually looked like a warehouse. The second design also has Portal textures.
  • On the right wall when reaching the platform in the Warehouse, it is possible to see three dots on the wall above a bunch of boxes, with a door next to it. These three dots would also appear in Davey Wreden's next game, The Beginner's Guide, released two years after The Stanley Parable.