The Wooden Building

I can't quite recall, but I believe my story took place in an office that correct? Hm... do you remember, Stanley?


The wooden building is a secret building that occurs in the Confusion Ending. The hallway used to enter the location disappears when the player turns the corner.

Obtaining the RoomEdit

The room is secret unlike other typical rooms. To obtain the room, the player must activate the Confusion Ending. During the third restart, obey the narrator. Then there will be a rusty and dirty garbage hallway, then Stanley enters the building.


The room consists of two seperate rooms, each with junk and garbage, the windows being partially covered by a grid. The hallway will disappear after the player explores it a bit. When the player enters the wooden building and goes in the other room, there is a fake door, which is also covered by wood.

The Stanley Parable DemonstrationEdit

This room occurs in The Stanley Parable Demonstration, although the layout is much different. There is a TV, a table, and it is labeled as the Storage room. There is also a bin, and there is no doors.


  • This room is secret, unlike other rooms.
  • This is one of the few rooms to have no doors, after the hallway vanishes.
  • The Wooden Building only occurs once.
  • This is one of the only indoor areas in the core game that is not actually located in or a part of The Office.